Wednesday, 6 July 2011

10 Min IPA

Here is my 10 Min IPA after being bottle conditioned for a few weeks:
The beer is surprisingly balanced, rich grain/malt, subtle and much lower than expected bitterness with an interesting hoppy aroma.  When they were drying, the home grown Chinook had an intense 'pine forest' aroma, but in this beer they are much more subdued and impart an interesting and different flavour.  The resulting bitterness level means that the beer is not really an 'IPA' as it's named but much like an English Pale Ale.  In hind-sight (and if I had had not used the last of the hops in that batch) a 60min bittering addition combined with the large 10min addition would probably have pushed the hop bitterness to where I was expecting it to be and balance the malt sweetness just a little more.

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