Thursday, 14 July 2011

Brew Day: BoPils

Had a go at brewing a triple decocted Bohemian Pilsner today, with the recipe adapted from the info here at Brewing Techniques.
Estimated OG: 1.056 SG, Estimated Color: 3.4 SRM, Estimated IBU: 44.9 IBU
Boil Time: 90 Minutes

Pilsner, (Joe White)        96 %       
Carapils (Wyermann)         4%        
1.9g/L Riwaka 09 [5.90%]  (90 min) (FWH)         32.7 IBU     
0.42g/L Saaz 09 [3.60%]  (60 min)          4.5 IBU
0.83g/L Saaz 09 [3.60%]  (30 min)           4.6 IBU           
0.83g/L Saaz 09 [3.60%]  (15 min)          2.4 IBU      
0.42g/L Saaz 09 [3.60%]  (5 min)           0.7 IBU      
0.0625g/L Calcium Chloride               0.125g/L Calcium Sulfate            
20.9billion cells/L  (Repitch)  PC European Lager (Wy2247)
Totally messed up the mash schedule and decoction, added a couple of extra hours to the brew day, the steps ended up something like this:
Protein Rest    @ 56.0C    40 min       
Infusion    @ 58.0C    20 min       
Decoction    Decoct & boil  Step @ 62.0C    30 min       
Decoction    Decoct and boil  Step @ 71.0C    40 min       
Mash Out    Decoct and boil  Step @ 75.0C    10 min
 But other than that things went well.  The new milling setup continued to improve the efficiency - managed to over-shoot the target gravity by 2 points, and since it's cold outside the counter-flow chiller cooled the wort to 16.5C nice and quickly.  The yeast was pitched after resting the wort in the fridge at 7C overnight and then racking off any break material and trub, the samples tasted good, so hopefully the 200ml of yeast slurry harvested from the Munich Helles will do a good job.

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