Friday, 16 March 2012

2012 Hop Harvest

It's about that time of year when this seasons hops need harvesting.  Compared to last year, the hop plants did not grow as well as last year - they might need a bit more care and tending next year.

But some of the plants still produced a good harvest.
Here are the freshly picked Halleratu (2 bags at back), Hersbrucker (front left) and Pride of Ringwood cones:
In order to make packing the hops (once they have been dried) easier, I made up a I made a Hopsquash from 90mm PVC pipe fittings, some particle-board
... a beer bottle

... and a clamp:

This produced nicely squashed hop plugs, that were more easily packed into vacuum seal bags:
From this years hops I packed the following: POR 45g, Saaz 107g, Columbus 180g, Halleratu 315g, Cascade 175g, Tettnang 75g, Hersbrucker 155g, Perle 240g, Goldings 345g:

Since this was more than enough for me, I gave some away: Victoria ~50-100g, MtHood ~100-200g, Chinook & Nugget ~100g.  But some plants didn't produce any cones worth picking: Fuggle, Willamette, Challenger, Target, Liberty.

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  1. Hello! I'm writing a book about beer and I like this picture:

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