Friday, 29 June 2012

Eureka 89

We just got home from a cocktail party held by my better-half's work which was held at Eureka 89 in Melbourne.

The view from the 89th floor of the Eureka tower on a brilliantly clear winter night was stunning, with unobstructed views of all of Melbourne from the top of the highest building.  We got to watch the MCG slowly fill with people and all of Melbourne do the Friday-night-thing, while eating & drinking at the top of the tower (the public SkyDeck observation deck is actually 1 floor lower on the 88th floor).
 (Picture borrowed/linked from Wikipedia)

The venue location, staff and food were all top-notch, and while the beer selection was average/limited (Cascade Premium or Light) it was worth drinking a few just so you have to visit the men's room.

The gents-room is located in the exact corner of the building, with full floor to ceiling windows (24 carat gold plated glass) giving an amazing and uninterrupted view of the city. The view is not interrupted when you turn around, because they have a cleverly and strategically located full-width panoramic mirror situated above the urinals.  While you are making room for more beer, you can stand right in the corner of the building - 89 stories above Melbourne - with a stunning view of the city ... seriously worth it just so you need to visit the men's-room.

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