Friday, 13 July 2012

Brew Day: ABBA

This was the first 'beer' I have produced from the new system.  The first batch of 'wort' was no-chilled and will be used for starters, the second batch was an attempt at a Golden Ale - which I christened Epic Failure and resulted in muddy-brown wort into the fermentor:
 ... so I didn't even waste yeast on it.

I've been planning to brew a Black IPA for some time now, however after thoroughly enjoying Samuel Adams' India Red Ale:
I thought I might be able to tweak the recipe a little bit and end up with something similar (however it didn't work out that way).
ABBA (aka an American Big Black Ale)Estimated OG: 1.055 SG
Estimated Color: 27.5 SRM
Estimated IBU: 57.2 IBU

Pale Malt, Traditional Ale (Joe White) 76.4 %
Munich I (Weyermann) 12.5 %
Caraaroma (Weyermann) 3.8 %
Crystal (Joe White) 3.8 %
Wheat Malt, Midnite (Briess) 2.5 %
Carafa Special II (Weyermann) 1.0 %

Columbus (HG 12) (60 min) 22.4 IBU
Cascade (11) (60 min) 20.9 IBU
Cascade 09 (15 min) (0.83g/L) 4.7 IBU
Amarillo (10) (15 min) (0.71g/L) 4.6 IBU
Amarillo (10) (5 min) (0.66g/L) 2.7 IBU
Cascade (HG 12) (5 min) (0.83g/L) 1.9 IBU
Amarillo (10) (0 min, hop-back) (0.66g/L)
Cascade (HG 12) (0 min, hop-back) (0.83g/L)

Whirlfloc (Boil 15.0) (0.04g/L)
Yeast Nutrient (Boil 15.0 min) (0.04g/L)
Calcium Chloride (Mash 60.0 min) (0.16g/L)
Calcium Sulfate (Mash 60.0 min) (0.33g/L)

Mash In (3.33L/kg) 55.0 C 5 min
Maltase Rest 63.0 C 35 min
Dextrinization Rest 71.0 C 35 min
Mash Out 78.0 C 10 min

Wyeast Greenbelt (Starter) (10billion cells/L)

Ferment @ 18 C.
During the mash tun the wort did not have the vibrant red hue I was looking for, likely should have included less crystal and more CaraAroma, so the Midnight Wheat additions were added to the mash to give it a deep black colour.  The first addition added (100g) of Midnite Wheat added at Maltose Rest, so it would add a little bit of roasty-flavour, and the last 50g added at Mash Out since I was still not happy with how 'black' the wort was at that stage:
Which resulted in nice black wort boiling away in the kettle:
It would appear that the little brown pump(s) have some sort of thermal-cut-off mechanism, so when I turned off the pump (to transfer the wort return to the kettle) to start draining the mash tun, the pump would not turn back on again.  In addition I forgot to put the kettle-filter in place so had to spend time connecting a second little brown pump, and then after the kettle was partly-full drain the wort back into the mash in order to set the kettle-filter in place.  Unfortunately this resulted in a lower-than-expected efficiency, so I couldn't really call the beer an "IPA" anymore, so it became what will likely be a very hoppy "ABA" (American Black Ale).

The four hop additions each contained both whole hop flowers and pellets, so it was to be a test of how the new kettle and hop-back would work together as a filtering-system::
The home-grown Centennial were a bit brown by the time they were picked, but they still had a very pungent aroma, but the bittering addition was split between them and a much larger addition of Cascade pellets.

After the boil, hops and break in the kettle:
... and the first layer of hopback filter:

... and the second (fine) hop back filter:
But at it smelled and looked good going into the fermentor:
Not very exciting to look at but, here is the first batch of beer (in some time) fermenting in the fridge:
Rather ironically, the yeast-starters also needed to go into the (temperature controlled) fridge (with heat-mat) because it was too cold for them to be happy sitting in the lounge-room!

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