Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brewery Build #16: Mill Mount

My old hand-cranked Marga mill did a more than satisfactory job crushing grain, however, I got a new mill (at the right price) when I purchased a bulk lot of grain for a Bulk Buy on the AHB forums.
So it was time to mount the mill and integrate it into the new brewery.  I was considering making a dedicated table/mount, or building the mill onto some large plastic buckets, however following a suggestion from another home-brewer the easiest and most logical way to mount the mill was directly ontop of the Mash Tun.  I found a piece of MDF in the shed which should be more than adequate for the job:
The MDF was cut to shape using a jig-saw and the hole-saw was used to cut the pilot holes for the mill:
The MDF was cut to fit ontop of the keg and some bolts used to hold it in place.  The washers/bolts sit under the lip of the keg when the mill-mount is fitted in place, that way it can't move or tip while in use:
On low-speed setting the cordless drill should work well for driving the mill:
After I took the photo above, the MDF was edged with some tape so that it's protected a bit.  While the mill mount is not an elegant solution, it was cheap, simple and easy and should easily do the job intended.  The mill-hopper which was supplied with the mill is likely going to be a bit small to hold a full batch of grain, so I might have to extend it in the future.

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