Friday, 13 July 2012

Brewery Build #20: Kettle Elements

Previous posts show how the elements were installed, setup and hopefully secured so the cord/connection does not flex and create a potentially hazardous situation when in use (and running hot).  As the mash-tun is drained the first element is turned on as soon as its covered, the second when that is covered with wort, by the time the fly-sparge process is complete, the wort in the kettle is already starting to form break material and is at boiling within a short period of time.

Heating the wort by running both elements unattended is not a good idea - so I found out yesterday - with only about 33L in the kettle (leaving 17L head-space) the boil from both elements was so vigorous that the kettle overflowed as it came to the boil and the break was formed:

After the break has formed, both elements can be run without problem, however using both at the same time (for single batches, approx 30-33L of wort) produces an extremely vigorous boil:

After the wort is brought to the boil, a single element (for a single batch 30-33L of wort) is more than adequate to keep a rolling-boil going in the insulated kettle:

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