Friday, 27 July 2012


Turning around a beer from brew-day to empty-keg in less than 2 weeks has to be a new record for me.  On Wednesday - only  9 days after being brewed - I force carbonated a couple of bottles and took it to the club-meeting.  With the yeast still in suspension the beer was cloudy, but had a wonderful fresh wheat-grain/hop/yeast aroma and flavour.  Citrus hops, the wheat malt and fruit-salad from the yeast all combining to make a very interesting, tasty and refreshing beer.

12 days after being brewed the beer was presented at the MB annual dinner and was generally received well - serving it with a wedge of lemon was something that was enjoyed by some, but not others.  While the beer was still 'good', I should not have left the beer cold-chill for 2 days since it would have been better with the yeast still in suspension.

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