Saturday, 6 October 2012

Aeration Tube

Aerating wort with the aquarium air-pump obviously worked well - given how quick and vigorous the Old 'n Brewed fermentation was.  However bubbling air into the wort in a container with little head-space did prove  to be a little messy.

The air-pump provides very vigorous aeration with lots of bubbles and surface-oxygen exchange which should provide a good level of wort-aeration:

I recently  made some Blow-off Caps for the jerry-can fermentors, so -- I slid the aeration tube down inside the blow-off tube and then screwed the cap on tight:

The tightly closed lid helped position the tube toward the bottom of the fermentor and the Aeration Tube significantly reduced the amount of mess the aquarium-pump aeration made (especially when I wrapped a towel around the end after making the video):

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