Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wedding Beer Pictures

Here are some beer-focused pictures from my sister's 'garden' wedding.

Me setting up the Beer Bin bar:

The happy couple:

Beer on tap:

The groom is from Manchester so here is the beer-engine with a nice tight sparkler attached:

The Beer Bin in use:

The beer-engine was an interesting novelty for most Australian guests, so the mild was the most consumed beer at the wedding:

... but the father-of-the-bride was less impressed with the warmer malty bubbly beer:

The groom, best man and teddy:

Speech time:

Each of the guests took some wedding cake:

and beer home with them:

But the cat:

... was less sure about his formal dress:

The bride and groom arriving home in the wedding car:

.. with the beer already waiting for them:

Since she was in a good mood, the bride allowed for the beer engine to be setup in the kitchen:

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  1. Awesome pics Wolfy and an awesome setup. Your sister and BIL would be proud to have a bro like you.