Thursday, 20 December 2012

BBQ: More Jerky and some Ribs in UDS

The last batch of Jerky got eaten the same day it was made (at the Melbourne Brewers (home brew club) Christmas party), most people seemed to like it so that was good) but it did mean I had to make some more before Christmas - now there should be enough that that it does not all get eaten right away

This week the local wholesale butcher had 'Lamb Party Ribs' on special in the part of the fridge they seem to dedicate to various different ribs each time I visit.

I had no idea how to prepare lamb ribs, so I just went with what I usually do for lamb on the Webber kettle.  Garlic, Rosemary, a little salt and some grapeseed oil, usually I stab 'holes' in the lamb-roast and fill them with garlic and rosemary sprigs, but that would be difficult with the ribs, so I put the stuff in the spice-grinder and spread it all over.

Turned out rather well.

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