Saturday, 1 December 2012

BBQ: Pulled Pork in the UDS

Here are some pictures from the first full run of my UDS, cooking Pulled Pork and Beef Ribs.

2kg Pork Neck (the most common local name for the Boston Butt cut) coated with a slightly adapted version of this rub:

2kg of Short Beef Ribs (though they were not called that in the butcher shop), rubbed with slightly adapted version of this rub (used home-grown dry chili for example):

Firebox filled with charcoal and few layers of wood chips to make fire:

Fit drum (ensure air vents are fully open):

Fit BBQ-rack, lid and close most of the air-intake-holes (and watch with dismay as temperature jumps to double desired cooking temp):

Chicken was cheap when I visited the supermarket so I got one to add as well.
Split and rub chicken, with the same stuff used for the Pork (for no good reason other than I made 3 cups of the rub last night):

Also made some beans to server as a side dish:

Pork onto cook:

I'd not usually use a drip/water tray but since the thermometer said the temp was a bit high, though it would help.

Chicken in to cook (on the lower rack), turned pork over:

After about 3 hours of pork cooking, wrapped it in foil added ribs and turned stuff over.

Firebox is still mostly full of live/hot coals/charcoal, no need to add more:

Pork dosed with apple juice and wrapped well in aluminium foil:

Everything back in the UDS, Pork and 1/2 the Ribs on top rack, Chicken, Pie and more Ribs on the lower rack:

With all the meat on to cook, it's time for a beer and relax.

Beef and chicken cooked, and into the esky to rest for a short while:

Beef and beans ready to eat:

Beef seasoning was good, but the ribs were a little hit-and-miss the smaller ones (Asian Butcher) were cooked very well and very tender, the larger ones (local Wholesale Butcher) still had some fatty bits that would have rendered away with longer (2 or so hours extra) cooking time.

Chicken and Salad served and ready to eat:

Everybody likes the chicken, most, tender and well seasoned.

Pork into esky to rest.  After the beef and chicken were removed the temperature in the UDS was allowed to rise to ensure the Pork was cooked to the desired temperature, now it's having a rest in the insulated-esky:

Pulling the pork (phone camera used here, so the colour is a bit washed out):

A 'sauce' of cider vinegar, sugar, spice, chilli was sprinkled over the pulled pork.

A much better true-colour camera picture of the pulled pork:

And finally the pulled pork, served on crusty rolls with coleslaw:

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