Friday, 30 November 2012

BBQ: Using the UDS

For it's first use, the UDS fire box is filled with charcoal, a couple of handfuls of smoking-wood-chips (and a few firelighters since my BBQ-lighting-chimney is still at my sister's after her post-wedding-BBQ):

15 or so mins later the fire has gone down and the charcoal is white/burning:

The traditional inaugural cook for an UDS is a 'Fatty'

... sausage meat, stuffed and rolled.

And in use it looks something like this:

... the wood-chips burn up within the first hour or so of cooking (so the smoke stops by the time the meat is sealed) but the cooking time (which depends on what is being cooked) generally takes many hours (6-12hours for most things).  If available larger chunks of wood are used for smoke, so I'll have to find some bits of trees to chop off or something.

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